Matt Hayes

Matt Hayes

Director for communication

Cornell University

Matt Hayes is a strategic communications expert and content strategist with experience in international agriculture, food security, global development and higher education. He manages all communications and marketing efforts for the Department of Global Development and a portfolio of more than two dozen programs and projects totaling $185+ million in funding. He is responsible for designing and implementing branding, editorial, social media, public relations and leadership communications strategies for the department and projects across its global network.

Matt joined Cornell in 2015 as managing editor for the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences where he directed editorial strategy and content creation for the college. Through advanced communications practices he helped promote the scientific discoveries and expertise of Cornell’s faculty and the unique student experience at Cornell CALS. In 2017 he was part of the core team that launched the college’s new brand identity. His work spanned writing, magazine editing, social media, student storytelling, photography, video production and more.

Matt is fascinated by the world’s complexity and has a passion for telling stories that impact the way people understand the world around them. As a communicator, he places great value in the powers of language and imagery to shape understanding and influence change. As a person, he prizes attributes like courage, empathy and determination for creating a more just world.


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